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Ooty - Queen of Hills

Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam is the "Queen of hill stations" and the capital of Nilgiris district. It is one of the most popular tourist place in India. Nilgiris means "Blue Mountains" Located in the Western ghats and It is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above main sea level. It is situated at a distance of 105 km away from Coimbatore.

The name of the ooty or Ootacamand was first mentioned in about 1821 in the Madras Gazette which was then spelt as "Wotokymund"
Ooty is the meeting point of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, three southern states of India.

The scenic elevation move of Ooty, draws quite a keen enumerate of tourists from all over the world. The natural beauty of this location is salient and memorable. Divided from the earthy splendors,
Ooty has numerous attractions that are worth a visit

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How to Reach
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Ooty Toy Train
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By Air
The nearest airport to Ooty is at a distance of about 88kms and is located in Coimbatore. There one can take Indian Airline flights to Coimbatore, Bangalore, Cochin and Chennai.
By Rail
The Ooty railway station is merely 2kms from the City Center and the other railway station is 46km away at Mettupalayam.
There is also a toy train that connects Ooty with Mettupalayam and Coonoor, another famous hill station. Though it is not really the fastest way to get there, but the guests can enjoy scenic beauty all along the way.
By Road
Traveling by road is a not a bad idea either, since Tamil Nadu has a very good road network. The state has many highways that connect distant places and make traveling much easier.
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Spots To See
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western Catchment
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Botanical Gardens
If you are on a sightseeing tour to Ooty, you might want to visit the Government Botanical gardens, which were laid out in 1847.The picturesque gardens that are maintained by the Horticulture department of the state, cover an area of about 22 hectares. The Gardens have well over 650 species of plants and trees, including a fossil of a tree, which is believed to be more than 20 million years old. The garden is very popular with nature lovers and those who long to walk among greenery and see rare ferns and shrubs up close. If you are in Ooty in the month of May, then you can also be a part of the summer festival, which is held here annually. The festival holds flower shows and various cultural programs showcasing the talent of the locals and the renowned artists.
Ooty Lake
If you love the outdoors, Ooty lake is a must see for you. It was built in 1825 and is about 2.5 km long. Visitors to this lake can go for boating on the lake or enjoy their favorite outdoor activity of fishing. If the latter really appeals to you then remember to get fishing permission before you head to buy baits!
Dodabetta Peak
The Dodabetta Peak stands at an altitude of 2,623 meters. It is the highest point in the district, making it possibly the best vantage point around Ooty. It is merely 10kms from Ooty so you can simply grab your camera and head straight to the peak, and click amazing pictures of he valley below. Many say that on a clear day, which is honestly not that often, one can see far off areas, even the plains of Coimbatore and the flat highlands of Mysore.
Lamb's Rock
Lamb's Rock is another vantage point that is ideal for taking pictures and is a wonderful picnic spot. It is merely 9kms. From Coonoor and is known for the splendid views it offers of the plains of Coimbatore and the tea states in the surrounding areas.
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Places to Stay
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Ooty Botanical Garden
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Luxury Hotels
Savoy Hotel
Hotel Sinclairs
Howard Johnson The Monarch
Taj Garden Retreat, Conoor
Sullivan Court

Glyngrath Villa
Sterling - Elkhill
Sterling - Fernhill
Kurumba Village Resort
Sagar Holiday Resort
Wallwood Garden - Coonoor
Regency Villas Palace
Red Hill Nature Resort
King's Cliff
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